iPhone Photography: Lighting

Cameras are great and all for photography, but did you know that you can use your phone instead? For this post, I will only be talking about apps and features available with iPhones, but some features may still apply to other smartphones with cameras. Such as lighting! So, here are some tips for lighting in iPhone photography!

Taking photos with iPhones at night isn’t a great idea if you don’t have actual objects used for lighting, like a ring light. I suggest taking photos when there is sun visible. Taking pictures during this time, you can change the lighting before even taking the picture. When you tap the subject on your screen, a little box will appear. Next to the box is a slider with a little image of a sun. You can drag this sun up to saturate the photo and down to desaturate it. When you find the perfect lighting, you can take the picture.

If you need to know the perfect time of day to take photos, I suggest Golden Hour. Golden Hour is a very short time period either after sunrise or before sunset. Taking pictures during Golden Hour results in a beautiful, golden glow to your pictures. It can be difficult to calculate when your Golden Hour takes place, so I suggest a free app called Magic Hour! Using this app, you can set your location and receive notifications when your Golden Hour begins.

Think these tips don’t work? Here are some examples of my iPhone photography.

I really hope this blog post helped you out with your iPhone photography!

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